Let's discover more about the Paldea Evolved Mabosstiff a Stage 1 Pokemon Darkness type.

Card Details

  • Supertype: Pokémon
  • HP: 140
  • Types: Darkness
  • Evolves From: Maschiff
  • Evolves To:
  • Rules:
  • Abilities:
  • Attacks: Name: Comeuppance, Cost: Colorless,Colorless, Text: During your opponent's next turn, if this Pokémon is damaged by an attack (even if it is Knocked Out), put damage counters on the Attacking Pokémon equal to the damage done to this Pokémon., Damage: 20, Converted Energy Cost: 2,Name: Darkness Fang, Cost: Darkness,Colorless,Colorless, Text: , Damage: 100, Converted Energy Cost: 3
  • Weaknesses: Grass: ×2
  • Resistances:
  • Retreat Cost: Colorless,Colorless,Colorless
  • Number: 143
  • Artist: Souichirou Gunjima


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