What kinds of cards will be in the Pokemon: Astral Radiance TCG set?

The Pokemon Company has announced that the next set in the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) is called Pokemon: Astral Radiance! They're keeping pretty quiet about what will be included in the set, but here's what we do know so far.

Pokemon Cards

After the success of the Double Crisis set, The Pokemon Company has announced a new set of Pokemon TCG cards called Pokemon: Astral Radiance. It's due out in June 2016 and will feature more than 100 cards based on the popular anime series, including some powerful new dual-type Pokemon. Get the latest Pokemon Astral Radiance ETB collection here!

The set will have 12 "Pokemon-EX" cards, alongside more than a dozen "Pokemon BREAK."

As with many recent sets, the game's designers have said that their goal was to make the game accessible to new players while also satisfying experienced fans.

"Pokémon: Astral Radiance is a great entry point for new players as well as an excellent way for existing Pokémon TCG fans to add to their growing collections," said J.C. Smith, director of consumer marketing at The Pokemon Company International. "We are working hard to provide fun, engaging products that introduce the world of Pokémon to new audiences and continue to delight our long-time fans."

The Pokemon: Astral Radiance TCG set is the latest expansion to be released by Nintendo. It contains 10 cards, including:

  • Charizard GX
  • Ninetales GX
  • Feraligatr GX
  • Espeon GX
  • Drampa GX
  • Darkrai GX
  • M Gardevoir EX
  • Sylveon EX
  • Mewtwo EX
  • Tyranitar EX

Trainer Cards

How will Trainer Cards work in Pokemon: Astral Radiance?

Trainer cards are cards that can be played from your hand at any time during your turn, if they have the Trainers keyword. They will resolve immediately. When you play a Trainer card, you are considered to have played that Trainer's effect. If you play another Trainer card before resolving the first one, it will resolve in the order that you played it. 

Trainer cards do not affect any other cards on the battlefield or in play. You can play them while they are still in play, but they do not affect any other cards on the battlefield or in play. Check out the Astral Radiance ETB collection NOW!

Energy Cards

The Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) is a very popular game for two reasons: It's one of the few games that doesn't use cards as its primary method of play, and it has all sorts of crazy, fantastical creatures that appeal to kids and adults alike. In the TCG, players are collecting cards based on a set of rules that govern which cards they can use in their decks. The rules are complicated — you'll have to read them carefully before you start playing — but they're also fairly simple.

There are three categories of cards: Energy Cards, Pokémon Cards, and Trainer Cards. Pokémon are small creatures that come in red, blue, and yellow boxes. You'll get better at playing the game if you have a lot of these guys in your deck. The more powerful cards require more energy than Pokémon do. Finally, Trainer Cards give you new abilities or effects to help make your deck stronger.

That's what this set contains: Energy Cards (Eels), Pokémon (Shuckle), and Trainer Cards (Mallow).

The Pokemon: Astral Radiance TCG set will feature two types of Energy cards:

Pokemon Center Energy and Pokemon Card Trader Energy.

The Pokemon Center Energy cards are all Basic Energy cards, while the Pokemon Card Trader Energy cards are all Special Energy cards. Â Both types of cards have a different back design.

Each Pokemon Center Energy card has a corresponding Pokemon Card Trader Energy card in the same expansion, so if you have both expansions you can use the same or similar Pokemon to power up your deck! Each Pokemon Center card has one Ability that covers one of the following themes:

Energy Cost Reduction

Pokémon Power

In short, Pokemon: Astral Radiance should contain around 100 cards. Most of these cards will be brand new, with a handful of them being reprinted from previous expansions (there are no confirmed reprints at this time). The set will also contain 10 Holo Rare cards and one Legendary card. Your guess is as good as the average players for what the Legendary card might be.