What comes with the Pokemon TCG's Astral Radiance Elite Trainer Box?

The Pokemon TCG's newest Elite Trainer Box is known as the Astral Radiance set, with two separate versions: Sun and Moon. The standard version comes with a plethora of goodies that any Pokemon fan will love. It includes a Game Card Holder featuring Silvally and Magearna, a player's guide to the Sun and Moon expansion, 6 Sun & Moon booster packs, an expanded colored-poem card to get you started on your journey along with 2 silver series booster packs which contain 10 cards each. There are also 4 damage counter dice and 9 acrylic Special Condition markers to help you stay organized and keep track of what effects have been used on your Pokemon on any given turn.

The Pokemon TCG: Astral Radiance Elite Trainer Box is available to pre-order now, and comes with an array of goodies for Pokemon TCG fans.

The box includes 10 Pokemon TCG Astral Radiance booster packs, which are the perfect way to get started on your Pokemon TCG collection. The booster packs contain cards from the current expansion, so you can build a competitive deck with these boosters.

You'll also get one foil promo card featuring a Legendary or Mythical Pokemon, as well as one collector's pin and sticker sheet that feature either Zacian or Zamazenta.

Card sleeves featuring Kommo-o

The box also includes 65 card sleeves featuring either Zacian or Zamazenta, 45 Energy cards, 6 damage-counter dice, 1 competition legal coin-flip die and 2 acrylic condition markers.

The box also comes with a player's guide to the latest expansion, as well as a PTCGO code card that unlocks a deck in the online game.

Pokemon TCG Energy cards

The Pokemon TCG's Astral Radiance Elite Trainer Box has just been announced, and it comes with a host of goodies.

As well as all the usual pack staples, the Astral Radiance Elite Trainer Box comes with 45 Pokemon TCG Energy cards to power up your deck with.

You'll also find a code card for the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online inside the box that will unlock 10 booster packs from the Sword & Shield expansion.

Damage-Counter Dice

The Elite Trainer Box includes 6 damage-counter dice; they're pretty useless unless you play with a very large number of Pokemon. But if you do, these dice can help make your game more exciting.

The Astral Radiance Elite Trainer Box is, in a word, impressive. Just how impressive depends on how serious a collector you are of the Pokemon TCG—and even then it may be difficult to come up with a definitive number. It's no secret that the contents are very good; there are more promotional cards included than any other Elite Trainer Box before it and an exclusive holo card as well. However, what elevates this Elite Trainer Box from other previous releases is its sheer massiveness. It's considerably heavier than any previous Elite Trainer box, over an ounce or two heavier than the next heaviest boxes in fact. The value for money ratio this product presents is exceptional, and if you're looking for a worthy addition to your collection, this box is about as good as it gets for a collector who cares about presentation as much as he does anything else.